Monday, January 19, 2015


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Turtle neck sweater: Choies | Tee & Skirt: American Apparel | Sneakers: Nike | Watch: eBay | Jeans: Topshop | Cactacaea: IKEA

I spend my free time (too) often scrolling through online webshops. Most of the times I end up with my -virtual- basket completely full, but then I realize that I actually don't need any of it. I close the tabs and get on with my life. Today I share a little collage with items I REALLY want - and some of them I do actually need.

A striped tee

I have so many outfits in mind with a striped tee... Or a striped crop top, I don't know. As long as the stripes are black and white! I almost got one from the Monki site, but the delivery costs were six euros, so that made the top quite expensive...

Turtleneck sweater

For some reason I feel like spring is almost here despite we're still in January. I do realize though that it can be pretty cold during February and March. Therefore, I think that one extra sweater would be nice. Especially a turtle neck one! I have no idea if I'd suite this kind of style, but I see it all over tumblr and instagram and it looks so cool!

Tennis skirt

54 euros for a skirt. I think that's kinda insane, but oh my gosh this skirt is so pretty. It's from American Apparel and I'm obsessed with it. I'd love a white one, but I reckon I won't ever wear it, because I would be afraid to spill something on this super expensive piece of white fabric. Maybe it's a good idea to start with a fake one from eBay, which would cost me 50 euros less. Yep, that's more my kind of money area. 

Cactaceae from IKEA

Especially from IKEA. Again, Instagram has been invaded by these little plants in white containers, so that means I need them. Succulents are pretty too, so I'm imagining my bedroom full of little plants. #Plantsarefriends

Skinny jeans

I own a shitload of clothes, but not one pair of skinny jeans. Just the basic, blue denim skinnies, not in my wardrobe. Quite a shame, right? These ones are from Topshop, which are basic and the color is perfect. Does anybody know if these jeans are true to size? Online shopping is great, but I feel like ordering jeans is quite dangerous...

World map watch

'Cause I love maps and stuff like that. I don't know why, but I've always liked maps. So why not a world map watch? :)

Nike Air Force 1 

I know, I know. I'm quite late to this trend. I'm also aware that the whole world population owns a pair of these, but I still want them. I could totally wear these with mom jeans and crazy banana or sushi socks.

What's on your wishlist right now?

♥ Vera

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  1. Hele leuke wishlist! Ik werk dus bij de AA, en elke keer sta ik weer te kwijlen bij al de leuke dingen die ze hebben, haha. (Ik krijg trouwens wel wat korting dus dat is wel chill, haha) Ik wil het rokje zelf ook nog heel graag, maar dan in het zwart!

  2. Allemaal toffe items die ik ook graag wil haha! Ik moet écht nog een keer naar de Ikea voor die cacti, ze zijn zooo cute!<33
    X Emma

  3. Super leuk lijstje, ik zou het ook allemaal zo aantrekken!

  4. Dat horloge kan je super goedkoop kopen op ebay en miniinthebox!
    Op mijn wishlist staan nu zwarte sneakers en een pencil skirt :)

  5. Dat horloge is gaaf! Ik heb 'm heel vaak op eBay zien langskomen, als ik eindelijk een account heb ga ik er zeker zo eentje aanschaffen!

  6. Echt superleuke items allemaal!

  7. Leuke whislist! Dat horloge is echt iets om bij weg te kwijlen ;)

  8. Wauw, die coltrui en dat gestreepte topje! Die Nike Air Force heb ik ook in een hoog model voor hiphop. Ik ben er nog steeds superblij mee. Mooie wishlist! :)