Wednesday, January 7, 2015


American Horror Story
Tea & AHS

So this pictures above is from now on history. Why? Because I'm going back to prison. Uhm school. I meant school. Yay. On a more positive note, I survived the first day! I'm actually not in the right position to complain, because Monday was another free day as well. On the other hand, I had my book presentation yesterday. And holy mother of sushi, I hate that. With a frickin' passion. I'm never really nervous of these kind of things, but this time it was different I guess. It was about The Great Gatsby (wonderful story by the way, but quite a complicated one to say the least) and the minute before I walked into the classroom I probably looked like a lifeless figure staring in the distance, unable to communicate, all because of the nerves. Ugh. BUT, I did it and it went pretty well!  

The Great Gatsby book

Enough with the school stress and presentations. Let's talk about something that I've recently discovered, American Horror Story. Oh boy, that's so good, scary, weird and gross. I love it. I watched season 1, Murder House, during the holidays so now it's time for season 2, Asylum. I've wanted to watch AHS since a pretty long time, but I supposed it wouldn't be a good idea to watch it alone. (Sleepless nights and nightmares aren't really my thing...) However, at some point I had a moment of #yolo (yes I still use this acronym and I'm proud of it) so I just watched it on my best friend Netflix.  And can we just take a moment to appreciate Evan Peters. I want to thank his parents for creating this wonderful human being. Never heard of him? Google is your friend :) 

I felt like this post was one big mess, ooops.. Anyway, do we have some AHS fans here as well? What would you recommend watching?

♥ Vera

PS Thank you so much for reaching 50 followers on Bloglovin'! Blogging isn't about numbers, but it's pretty cool that (currently) 52 people find my blog interesting enough to follow :)

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  1. Ahaha, 'prison', geweldig! Anyway, AHS is echt tof, wacht maar tot je bij seizoen 3 komt... woow! Ik ben benieuwd wat je van seizoen 2 vind!

  2. AHS vind ik zo ontzettend tof en prison ook aaah <3
    Leuke blog heb je! :)

  3. Ohh AHS vind ik zo gaaf .. Sinds 'ie op tv kwam volg ik het al haha:)

  4. Veel sterkte in de gevangenis;)