Wednesday, January 14, 2015


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4 days of silence on my blog. Nope. Nooooope. Never doing that again, I promise. It makes me VERY stressed knowing that there's nothing new to read for y'all. But but but but, I have excuses!!!! *Oh come on..* Testweek (is that what you call it?) is coming up so that means two weeks of no life and learning. Sometimes people say to me: 'Oh but you don't have any lessons in your testweek, so that means freedom and fun!' Let me tell you one thing, you got that wrong. How I experience testweek, is locking yourself up in your room, chaos on your desk, stress about not having your work complete, drinking lots of tea, eating lots of chocolate, staring like a zombie to your computer screen and books and shutting down your laptop too late in the evening. Then you gotta sleep, because 'sleep is very important to do your tests well!' But please, HOW am I gonna sleep while there are thousends German words rushing through my head? I'm not a fan of testweeks, if that wasn't clear yet. :3 

The next morning you wake up, knowing that your future depends on the test you're about to do. Everyone is slightly nervous (I didn't know that it counts for your exam grade?!?!) and then it's time to start. You can do this! You've learned so well! Yay! Positive thinking, that should work, right? You read the first question and... well... then you know you actually didn't learn that well. Your future is now a dark, dark empty space. 

Alright. That was my slightly exaggerated impression of testweeks. I hope you can relate and that I'm not the only person that experiences this, haha. Now I have to get better, because I'm feeling quite poorly and the last thing I want is to be sick while I gotta do 154531345 tests.

♥ Vera

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  1. Veel succes Vera! Zet'm op!! En beterschap! x

  2. Succes! Ik zit momenteel ook in een tentamenweek, maar we slaan ons er door heen haha!

  3. Awhh haha, know the feeling! Eerst even concentreren op je toetsen en je blog verdwijnt echt niet, of je zou je artikelen van te voren moeten inplannen (doe ik nooit, ben daar zo slecht in.. )
    Heel veel succes, you can do this!<3
    X Emma

    1. Jep, very true! Soms plan ik ze wel in, maar inderdaad, ook niet mijn sterkste kant :') Dankjewel! x

  4. Oei, ja die weken zijn altijd zo vol met stress. Ik wens je heel veel succes!


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