Friday, December 5, 2014


Christmas is coming gif

Hii! December has finally started, which not only means it's almost Christmas, but loads of youtubers have began their Vlogmas series as well. I love watching these Christmassy videos so today I'm sharing some of my favorites Vlogmas series to watch this month!

Colleen Ballinger's (aka Miranda Sings) Vlogmas is just the best. I love her in general en she makes me laugh so hard everytime I watch her videos. Her sense of humor is amazing and she and her fiancé Joshua (JoshuaDTV) are the cutest couple ever. Yep, I can watch these videos all day, so if you haven't already heard of her, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR. I'm sorry for my excitement, but yeah. Just watch it and you'll understand.

Next up is Sammi from Beautycrush. Her videos are so relaxing and cosy, I totally get into the Christmas mood because of her. She's so gorgeous as well and I absolutely love her tattoos, which is pretty rare for me, because I'm not that keen on (big) tattoos. Anyway, getting a bit off the subject here, but Vlogmas with Sammi will definitely get you feeling Christmassy!

Lastly, Zoella! One of my all-time favorites as well! You probably all know her, but I felt the need to put her on this list, because she's the queen of Vlogmas, in my opinion. And can we just take a moment to appreciate her new pug, Nala. I. Can't. Take. The level of cuteness. Fortunetaly I've got a little ball of fluff as well so I don't feel entirely lonely while watching Nala. :)

I can add loads of youtubers who do Vlogmas as well which I really like, but ain't nobody got time for watching them all?! I'm kidding, but I find it pretty hard to keep up with this insanely amount of vlogs! But they sure get me feeling all Christmassy and now I'm going to persuade my mom to buy a Christmas tree so I can decorate like crazaaayy!

Which Vlogmas series do you recommend? Let me know! 

♥ Vera
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  1. Oh my god yes!! When I saw the title of the blogpost I thought "COLLEEN BETTER BE IN THERE"
    Her and Joshua are so cute and funny, theyre so authentic!!!! :3
    I recommend Brooke Saward aka World of Wonderlust, shes really cute, shes and Australian living in Germany!!
    xx Marina
    Check out my blog?

    1. Haha yesss I totally agree! I love them ^^
      I've never heard of her, but I'm going to watch some of her vids!
      And your blog is so original and interesting! :)