Saturday, November 1, 2014

MUSIC | Late 90s / Early 2000s Hits (+Video Clips...)

Hi! Today I share some of my favorite late 90s / early 2000s hits! I find some music actually very entertaining and the video clips are just hilarious... I started off with this all-time hit by Britney Spears: ... Baby One More Time. The styling in this video (especially the hairstyles) is... well... Just watch it for yourself and you'll understand :) The crop tops though, we're totally reliving the nineties nowadays.

Now this one is my absolute favorite: I Want You Back by *NSYNC. You definitely need to see this video clip, it's so ridiculous! Back then this was the most coolest thing in the world. But I mean, the pants, the dance moves... And what's up with the 'special effects' and the futuristic atmosphere? Haha, I love this one! 

Aah, young Queen B and Jay-Z. Who doesn't remember Crazy In Love

Last but not least, Justin Timberlake with Like I Love You. I love the choreography and again, the crop tops :) Do you spot young Pharrell Williams?

Which nineties hit missed in this list? Let me know your favorite! 

x Vera

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