Saturday, November 29, 2014


girl with ombre hair

girl with ombre hair

I never knew buying lamps could be so exciting. Since Wednesday I'm the proud owner of two softboxes and tripods! My happiness has risen with 10 levels (?), because I'm now able to make photos everywhere I want in good quality! Good lighting makes such a difference. I tested them out earlier today and tried to find the perfect positions to get the best effect. I might film some stuff for a new video this week, yay! SO EXCITING.

You're probably wondering what that weird title has to do with this post. I'll cut straight to the point: I want to cut my hair like Kylie Jenner. Since a few weeks I have this unhealthy obsession with the little sister of Kim Kardashian. I loved her short hair  (it's probably still pretty short, extensions I guess.. just saying :3) and now I'm considering to cut it as short as she had. So let's say, a little below my shoulders. To be honest, I want my hair darker as well, because my natural hair color can be catagorized as: 'Not sure what this dull color is.' All together it'll be quite a difference, huh? Yep, and that's why I'm not 100% sure I'm actually going to do it, haha. I've already made an appointment with the hairdresser's though... 

Lastly, I want to point out something miraculous. I, a girl who can lie on a sofa with Netflix all day, while wearing the softest sheep onesie and snacking on some crisps, went to *wait for it* the gym. I repeat, the gym. Okay, maybe I'm exaggerating because there has been times when I worked out every week, but recently (read: the past few months) I sorta forgot about it. BUT I'M BACK! Now I have muscle pain though.

Should I cut my hair off and dye it? Or should I keep it as it is? I'd love to read your ideas!

♥ Vera

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  1. Ik snap je obsessie! Ik vind haar en haar haar ook zó mooi <3

  2. Haar haar is inderdaad zó mooi, als ik dat zie overweeg ik het ook. Maar ik heb net iets te lang moeten sparen voor mijn lange haar haha :-)