Saturday, November 8, 2014

All-time obsession | Abandoned Buildings

Source | Whittingham Asylum, England
A little story about my obsession with abandoned places and buildings. Kind of weird to love places which are totally delerict and forgotten, don't you think? However, there's something about these places what makes them so interesting to me.

I think it's the story behind the buildings and the creepy atphosmere. The fact that people lived in these buildings years and years ago, but suddenly left, is so scary and intriguing at the same time. I'd love to explore these places and  be an urban explorer, but to be honest, I'm too scared and I don't think that I can convince one of my friends to come with me, haha. It can also be very dangerous and most of the times it's illegal , but how amazing (and frightening) would it be? Maybe one day, it's something that I definitely want to do in my life. Anyway, I can search for these kind of photos all day, so I thought why not share them with you?

Source | Hashima Island, Japan
Source | Hashima Island, Japan
Hashima Island, populated from 1887 to 1974, but currently totally abandoned. Around 5000 people were living there once, working in the coal mines. But whith the upcoming use of petroleum, the closing of coal mines began. Everyone left which resulted in this creepy place, also known as Ghost Island.

Source | Spreepark, Berlin, Germany
Source | Spreepark, Berlin, Germany
Source | Spreepark, Berlin, Germany
The Spreepark was the only theme park in East Germany (formally the GDR). Because of the decreasing number of visitors and large debts, it was closed in 2002.

Lastly, two videos of The Unknown Camerman on Youtube. You should definitely check him out, he makes videos of him exploring abandoned places. So cool!

This was just a small collection of pictures, but google  'Urban Exploring' or something like that and you'll find so many beautiful and haunting photos!

 What do you think of abandoned buildings and places? Would you ever become an urban explorer?

x Vera
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  1. Spreepark Berlin maar doen dan deze zomer? :D

    1. Laten we dat doen, we praten ons er wel uit met ons beste Duits als de bewakers op ons afkomen! :))