Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Outfit: Heisenberg

Hoodie, socks & shoes: Primark - Blouse: Vintage - Ring: Six

Heisenberg. Breaking Bad. Yes. When I saw this hoodie at Primark in Brighton, I couldn't leave it there as I'm a true Breaking Bad fan. I finished watching it a couple of months ago and together with Prison Break, they're my favorite series. I'm actually thinking of rewatching everything... It's just so good. The actors are perfect (especially Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul) and the plot is absolutely amazing. You could say I'm a little bit obsessed.

So now you understand that I had to make an outfit post featuring this hoodie. It's actually from the mens section in a size M... Who cares. :) It's almost a dress, but 'for safety reasons' I added a simple elastic black skirt. The blouse I'm wearing is the same as in this post.

Have you watched Breaking Bad? What are your thoughts on it?

x Vera
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