Saturday, August 16, 2014

DIY: Project shirt

Hi! A few weeks ago I bought this printed shirt from a local thrift shop. I loved the crazy print, a little bit vintagy. Although I really liked it, I've never worn it. Why? It's too big. Normally I find oversized clothes pretty nice, but this piece... I don't know. You could say it was a waste of money (it cost only a few euros, so it wasn't that bad), but then I knew what to do with it. Cut off the sleeves, make it cropped... Yes! After a few hours of work I transformed this oversized shirt in a cropped one. Want to see how I did that? It's all in this post!

I began with cutting off the sleeves. Don't remove too much! You can always cut off more, just try it on and see how it turns out.

When you're happy with the sleeve length, fold on one side on the other side of your shirt. This way you're sure that both sleeves are even. You could pin both sides together - just to be 100% sure. Now you're ready to cut! :)

We're moving on to the crop part. Put on your shirt and mark where you want it to be cut off (mine at the ruler). Now comes the most important thing: don't cut off the part where the buttons are placed! You can see this clearly in the picture below.

I took the lowest button off so that I could make a knot. I also rounded up the edges of the 'knot-fabric-part'. The last thing you want to do is hem the edges where you cut (the sleeves as well). You can do this by hand with needle and thread or you can use a sewing machine like I did. 


Tie a knot and... Done! It is a bit time consuming (especially the sewing part), but the result is a big improvement in my opinion! :) I'd style it with black high-waisted pants, like disco pants, and some boots. Add some accessories and a bag and you're good to go! I like how it turned out and it was super easy to make. Happy me over here!
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